IoT Crash-Course

Presented by Hacker Lab & Instructables

Get started FAST by building your own IoT Thing!

Hacker Lab will be running special Saturday crash course covering everything you need to get started with the ESP8266 Wifi connected mcu.

Using the Instructables IoT Class as a base, students will learn how to setup, program, connect, and automate small electronically controlled devices.

Learn to connect and program a WiFi enabled microcontroller


Sensors & Electronics

Wire up & interface with a variety of sensors

Log Data

Take the ifnormation you gather and store it in the cloud for easy access


Configure your thing to listen for messages sent to it from the web


This class will be run as a one-day intensive covering the entire Instructables online class material and led by our in-house IoT nerd Nile.

Saturday July 22nd, 11am to 4pm

Midtown Hacker Lab 

Rocklin Hacker Lab

Saturday July 29th, 11am to 4pm


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Thank you for making this possible. 

The Kit

We will be following the Instructables online class linked below.  Feel free to order your own kit (follow link) or get one from us with for a materials fee:


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