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Sac Midtown: Developer Bootcamp — Learn Web Design!

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Our 3 week boot camp will have your web design dreams heated and ready for launch.

In an increasingly competitive job market, willpower isn’t enough; you need strong, demonstrable skills. 
Take the next step and become a web designer. As one of the hottest jobs on the market, this skill will take you to the next level.

Gain Access To

Skills You Can Use
We’ll take you from zero to hero. Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a project base boot camp and gain the skills necessary to begin a career in web design.
Inspired Instructors
Our instructors are inspired, driven, and most importantly, are here for you.
Awesome Community
As Sacramento’s 1st ever exploratory working space, our community members learn skills from coding, to fabrication and protyping.

Web Design Theory
Learn the concepts behind Front End development and how HTML plays a role in web design. Students will then go over how to begin construction of their own websites using HTML.
Build with HTML
Students will review common HTML elements used in modern webpages. Students will then utilize these elements on their first project – building an HTML-based webpage.
Aesthetics & Design
Building upon HTML, this class will cover the second layer of websites; CSS. Students will then go over various CSS properties used to design beautiful websites on today’s internet.
Applying Design
Like the previous week, students will be led through exercises to familiarize themselves with the CSS properties covered and begin using these properties on a new project – adding CSS to their HTML website.
Interactive Effects with Javascript
Students will begin to learn about the “language of the internet”, javascript. This week will cover objects, arrays, variables and loops, and how they play an important role in adding interactivity to modern websites.
Using a Web Server
Upon completion, students will then be walked through uploading their code on Amazon Web Services. Websites will be live and ready to use. Students will marvel at their success!



9/6/2016 – 9/22/2016
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Where: Hacker Lab Midtown, 1715 I St, Sacramento, CA

Cost: $300

Special Note to HackerLab Resident Members:  Unlike core HackerLab classes, members receive 50% discount on bootcamps. For Resident Members only, use discount code webdevbootcamp2016.

About the Instructor

My name is John Kurnett. I’ve been writing code for roughly eight years, building websites for just over four years, and I’m currently working as a freelance web developer – you can find more information on what I do at www.kurnett.com. I also work on a variety of other pursuits, including game development, animation, and music composition.