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Sac Midtown: Furniture Design & Woodcraft Bootcamp

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Sign up for this class if you’re interested in learning to use the WoodShop and Metal Shop tools to make furniture.  Trent started making furniture in the wood and metal shops at Hacker Lab about a year and a half ago.  Now he’s selling finished product to the West Elm Home Stores across California!

Class Dates: 5 Tuesday nights from 5:30 – 8:30 pm.

Dates: March 21st – April 18th


Class 1: Design your Piece: Using Sketchup, CorelDraw, or whatever graphics program you are most comfortable with, design a small table or stool. You will come out of this portion of the series with a finished design and a cut list, so the teacher can get materials for those who need.

Class 2: Shape the wood: In this class, focus will be on shaping and cutting the wood for your piece. Students will use planer, table saw, joiner and router.

Class 3: Shape the metal legs: In this class, focus will be on making legs in the metal shop for your piece.  You will be welding and cutting the metal to shape for legs.

Class 4: Finish the wood and legs: Use this class to get started with finishing the wood so you know what to do, and to finish the metal (you will sand and powder coat the metal legs). You will need to complete any finishing necessary outside of class time – teacher will be available to supervise out of class shop time.

Class 5: Assembly: This final class will give you time to assemble your piece.  You will complete any final touches needed for finishing, and then attach the completed wood to the legs.

About the Class Fee and Pre-Reqs

Class Fees: Fees for this class DO NOT include a materials fee.  Materials costs will be $50-100 depending on your choice of woods and size of project.  (Small projects are encouraged for this class to give you time to get it completed.)

Hacker Lab Resident Members: Use discount fee ‘bootcamps2017’ to receive a 50% discount on the class fee. (Please don’t use this discount if you are not a resident member – we check the class lists. Thanks.)

This class will give you a great introduction to basic tool use and safety in the Wood and Metal shop areas.

What Do You Need to Bring?

Your laptop computer, with graphics program installed.  (Sketchup and InkScape are both free software packages that you can download from the internet.  Or if you have Illustrator or CorelDraw already loaded, those are good also.)

A burning desire to get really good at your craft in the woodshop.

About the Instructor

Trent Dean is a craftsman with great skills in the Wood Shop and Metal Shop.  He creates amazing furniture with exotic woods, using the ShopBot, then gives them legs using his skills with metals and welding.  Trent is skilled at translating his design ideas into usable, creative furniture and can help you learn to use the same creative process.