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Sac Midtown: Patent Pending – Applying for Provisional Patents

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About the Class

Applying for a Provisional Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows an inventor to label his/her prototypes and marketing documents with the words “Patent Pending”.  This will show family, friends, and co-workers that the inventor is serious about developing the product and the business.  It will also make a good first impression with any potential investors and begin the process of protecting the value of the Intellectual Property (IP) for the inventor and the investor(s).  It is a great investment because it only costs $100 to apply for a Provisional Patent.

About the Instructor

Erik Mitzner is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked for startups and small companies since 1982.  He has designed a wide range of mechanical and electromechanical products and systems, including consumer products, medical devices, semiconductor processing equipment, and automated manufacturing systems.  He is an inventor himself, has written his own Provisional Patents, and has done patent searches for his clients.