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Sac Midtown: Intro to Fusion360 CAD Software

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Get a fantastic chance to learn CAD design, with one of the best teachers in town!

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a multi-function 3D CAD/CAM(computer-aided-drafting/computer-aided-manufacturing) tool. You will learn detailed usage of the Fusion360 advanced CAD software.  This class will help you with your designs for 3D printing, Laser Cutters, ShopBot (CNC Router) and more. And you will learn a lot of good general knowledge about using CAD software in general!

This is a 2-class series: Tues, July 18th  &  Thur, July 20th

Class Description

Fundamentals: Learn the fundamentals behind 3-dimensional parametric modeling. Students will also learn how to create simple shapes directly and using sketching tools in combination with extrusion features.

Practice: Hands-on work with 3d modeling, sketching, and extrusion fundamentals gives you greater depth of practice. Dive deeper into usage of sketching and extrusion tools.

Learning to Work 3-Dimensionally: Revolve features will be covered, which create a 3D model by revolving a 2D sketch along a defined axis.

Working with 3D Forms: Learn how to use the sculpting tools, which allows for an alternative approach to creating models, similar to sculpting a digital ball of clay. Sculpting allows for more organic shapes to be created.

Moving Beyond Simple Geometry: Learn to use Loft and Sweep features. Loft and Sweeps are often used to create models geometry more complicated than standard Extrudes or Revolves. The Feature History, Direct Modeling, and strategies for utilizing these features in your models will be disused.

HackerLab Resident Members: Use discount code “3dcaddesign2016”



What to Bring?

If you have Fusion 360 loaded on your laptop, bring it with you.  Or you can download a free trial version: http://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/free-trial

Otherwise, we will be using the computers in the computer lab.

Teacher Bio

My name is Alan M. Ware. I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2007. I have worked with various CAD systems over last 10 years(AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProENGINEER). I was a SolidWorks CAD Administrator during my tenure at Rockwell Collins, Inc. I have created numerous designs and drawings for assembly and manufacture. Check out my portfolio at www.amwdesign.net!