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Sac Midtown: Hacking Film — Intro to 35mm Cameras, Film & Processing

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Do you have an old 35mm camera, stashed away in the attic or a cabinet perhaps, that’s still in working but have no idea what to do with it? This class will cover the basic skills you need to know to start using the world’s most common and popular film format.

From camera operation to home film development, this class is perfect for aspiring professional photographers and casual shooters alike, as well as those interested in cinematography and other visual mediums.

Class Description

Camera components and operation

Choosing the right film for different lighting situations and aesthetic needs

Darkroom basics, chemistry, and home development

Viewing, storing, and caring for developed negatives

For those interested in using the Hacker Lab Darkroom, this class gives you the training you need.

What to Bring?

If you have access to a 35mm camera, bring it and a roll of film. If you have questions about film or your camera, feel free to contact the instructor.

About the Instructor

Mason Hershenow is a photographer, writer, and artist who holds a BFA in Photography from Sacramento State. Pulling inspiration from both American visual culture and generations of his own family’s personal photographs and photo albums, much of Mason’s work focuses on exploring the ways in which we capture and curate our lives and the objects we create to share them with others. If you’re looking for information on anything from cameras and photo chemistry to editing concepts and photographic theory, Mason is happy to help.