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Rocklin: Teens! Unity Game Development

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Unity Game Development - Mar 18 & 19

Unity is a great Games Development engine.  Students in this class learn the concepts of game design.  Students create a one-level game completed that is ready to play.  At the end of the class, students will pitch their game to their class-mates and get critiqued on their finished product.

For teens who are thinking of applying to a school that requires a portfolio of your work, this class will be a great way to develop your portfolio!  Joe is a graduate of the Sacramento Art Institute for Games Development, and can help you build your design and graphics skills.


DETAILS: This class will be from 9am – 1pm, Saturday and Sunday.  Kids aged 12-17 are welcome.  (Make sure to bring a snack!)

What to Bring?

Students, please bring a laptop computer that already has Unity loaded on it!  It is a free (no charge) app.  Download a copy here (choose the “Personal” version for the Free download): https://store.unity.com/

This class will be crammed full of learning and there won’t really be time to load the software during the class.  Please make sure to have it pre-loaded.  For students needing to use a Hacker Lab computer, we may have a couple computers set up with Unity at the Hacker Lab.

About the Instructor

Meet Joe Roche:  Joseph graduated from the Art Institute of Sacramento with a degree in Game Art and Design and started his own game making company, making both video games and board games. His favorite part of game making is being able to tell a story that others can experience. Joseph has over 30 years of experience with games; starting with playing them, then began creating them, and now teaches how to make them. When he is not playing or working on games, he is playing his piano.