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Rocklin: Making 3D Images on the Form1+ Resin Printer

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If you are in the Rocklin area and want to learn how to use our Form1+ Resin 3D Printer, this is the class to take!  Learn how to turn a vat of goop into a replica of the Eiffel Tower or some other fantastic form, in this easy to follow class.

Pre-requisite: Intro to 3D Printing with the Ultimaker2 or basic 3D printer experience.

Class Description

Learn the details about using the Resin 3D Printer:

  • – How to load designs onto the computer
  • – Setting up the printer
  • – Choosing the correct Resin for your print jobs
  • – Running a 3D print job on the Form1+ Resin printer
  • – Removing your prototype and cleaning the printer

About the Instructor

Hi! I am Clinton Hollister. I am a student and HackerLab enthusiast working towards a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have hands on experience in the field of electronics technology, with several certifications. I enjoy getting to know people that share my personal interests in fitness, food, outdoor activities, making things and entrepreneurship. I completely enjoy teaching practical skills in building 3D models, running equipment, and producing product prototypes, as well as learning about these trades from people I collaborate with.