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Rocklin: Laser Cut Jewelry with Mosaic Inlays

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Laser Cutting and Jewelry Fabrication


Sign up for this class to learn more about jewelry making on the Laser Cutter.  This class will be co-taught by our Jewelry Fabrication instructor Ray Atnip and Heather Lee, our creative genius behind our Laser Cutting art classes.  Together, they are going to take participants through the process of developing resin inlaid mosaics on laser cut jewelry.

What to Bring?

Basic materials will be supplied by the instructor.  If you have very small stones or other cool objects that you want to include in your pieces, feel free to bring them.  (If you’re not sure, bring them anyway!)

Ray Atnip will bring some copper and silver wire, if people want to make earrings or other jewelry mounts for their laser cut pieces.  And we have some costume jewelry we can scavenge from (bring your own if you have some!).

Depending on the participants, we are thinking of this as a “Sip ‘n Make” class series that will repeat on a monthly basis.  Come and join us for a fun Friday evening!

Hacker Lab Resident Members: Please bring $10 to give the instructor for materials fees.  Other attendees, the materials fees are built into the class fee.

About the Instructors

Ray Atnip is a skilled metal worker and cook.  Ray is retired from the railroad, and has attended classes and volunteered in programs at Sierra College and the Rocklin Hacker Lab since then.  He has a background in woodworking, metal fabrication, and landscaping.  Living in Mexico and the Southwest has infused him with an appreciation for cooking and gardening, and California’s weather supplies lots of fresh fare for the table.  Exposure to the art community has brought out the creative spirit, and the willingness to share techniques he has learned.

Heather Lee is a Mom, Artist and budding Entrepreneur who has been using the laser cutter as her medium to create amazing works of of art for over 2 years now. Her passion for a creative challenge drives her to continuously keep learning and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Her talents range all over the board from woodworking, to sculpting, costume design and even movie props! Her love of the laser cutter and anything artistic makes her a huge asset here at hacker lab and she is highly driven to share her knowledge and inspire creativity in anyone willing to learn.