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Rocklin: Advanced 3D Printing

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Dive deeper into the world of 3D printing! Learn more about the different softwares used to process models, designing functional parts for 3D printing and other advanced techniques.

This class also grants you access to the many other printers that the basic class does not.


About this Class

– We will go through the different parts and systems within a 3D Printer.

– We will learn a variety of software used to run 3D Printers.

– We will also go over how to use most printers and grant you access to the many printers  available in the lab.

NOTE: Even after this class, if there are problems with Hacker Lab 3D printers outside of stuck extruder nozzles, please let Phil, Zak or John Sonderegger know so they can resolve them.  They are sometimes temperamental machines. Thanks!!


Computer skills

Basic 3D printing recommended

Some 3D modeling experience helps a lot

What to Bring?

A laptop (optional)

Your printer if you have one (optional)

About the Instructors

Phillip Mally

Phillip Mally brings his skills and talents with all things electronic, especially 3D printers, to help students learn about using the 3D printers.  He is an incredibly smart and very knowledgeable person, from mechanics to computer and internet technologies.  He’s great at teaching others what he has learned.

Zach Kazee

Zach Kazee is a Sierra College student.  He is currently studying Mechatronics.  He has a fair amount of 3D printer experience, and is really knowledgeable about tearing them apart and making them work again.  He’s looking forward to sharing his knowledge and skills with you!