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Rocklin: Intro to PC Maintenance & Repair

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Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) -- Learn to Maintain Your PC Computer!

Learn more about how to keep your Computer chugging! This class will cover basic methods of software and hardware diagnostics and repair methods. Everything from installing RAM or updating your BIOS (operating software), to cleaning computers and resolving standard problems.


About this Class

You should walk out of this class with some great basic knowledge:

– Able to diagnose and work with broken power supplies

– Able to identify (and re-install) corrupt OS’s

– Able to replace dead hard drives

– Learn how to keep a PC running well longer than its supposed end of life.

– Note to Mac users: Mac users will learn useful skills.  However, most newer MacBooks and UltraBooks are not designed with user-serviceable parts.



An open mind and curiosity.  Computers aren’t as hard to understand as they may seem!

What to Bring?

Your broken computer, if you have one.

About the Instructor

Zak Kazee is a Sierra College student.  He is currently studying Mechatronics.  He has a fair amount of 3D printer experience, and is really knowledgeable about tearing them apart and making them work again.  He’s looking forward to sharing his knowledge and skills with you!