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Rocklin: Industrial Sewing 101

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Industrial Sewing 101 is the starting point to gain access to Rocklin textile lab. You will learn the basics of industrial sewing machine safety, set up, use and maintenance.  This is a 2 ½ hour class designed to introduce you to the use of industrial sewing machines.

This class will focus on the use of Juki single needle machines and overlock/serger machines. This objective will be met through a combination of lecture and hands-on practice. Our textile lab is set up as a comprehensive design room with a wide array of gender neutral commercial machines suitable for working with heavy materials such as leather, upholstery, and sailcloth as well as those used in industry for apparel, interior decorating and other soft goods.

How will this class be structured?

1. Safety Hazards
2. Liability Waiver

1. Textile Lab layout and overview
2. Industrial vs. home sewing machines
3. Clutch motors vs. Servo motors
4. Stitch and Feed Mechanics
5. Threading and Application
6. Tension Regulation
7. Thread and needles
8. Maintenance
9. Practice Sewing
10. Cleaning

What will students get out of the class?

Once your understanding and competence has been demonstrated on these first two machines you will be able to start using them. Additional classes will be required to gain access to the other machines. It is recommended that you also take Industrial Sewing 102 and Industrial Sewing 103 in order to maximize the full potential of the Textile Lab.

About the Instructors

Steve & Louisa Hunter: In addition to providing the initial training in the use of the industrial sewing machines, it is our desire to develop integrated projects with other Hacker Lab facilitators to maximize the overall maker experience.

About Louisa Hunter

I am an experienced apparel designer. I have an Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Los Angles Trade and Technical College and a Masters in Business Economics from University of California at Santa Barbara. I have 40 years of experience in the fashion industry as a designer, pattern maker, grader, and manufacturer of children and adult garments using industrial equipment and methods.

About Steve Hunter

Steve has over 50 years of electro/mechanical experience.  He is a great asset in the training of the maintenance and upkeep required of these highly specialized machines.