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Rocklin: Electronics Tech Night Meetup

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Meetup for Techies & Electronics Wizards

Second meetup for all those wanting to learn more about All Things Electronics.  Feel free to bring all your questions, cool accomplishments, observations, difficulties, & ideas to an open work time where we will have Hacker Lab’s electronics teachers on hand to answer your questions and noodle on new ideas with you.

Tonight, it’s all about you!  Bring your cool gadgets, fun projects, and tough questions.  We’ll be here to help you figure out answers and get a look at your cool projects.  (Might even get Jim Schaefer to bring his super-cool Michelson interferometer, using the Parallax and a laser.  It will give you a sneak peek at how to control a system using Parallax that measures the Earth’s gravitational field using lasers.)

How Much Will It Cost?

Free!  This meetup is designed to help foster community among techies and  the EE crowd, and give you a place to bring your questions, answers and ideas.  Whether you are a Hacker Lab member or not, enjoy some time with fellow techies.  (All ages welcome. 17 and under, please bring a parent along!)

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Local expert Nile Mittow and new Parallax instructor Jim Schaefer will continue as ongoing hosts for this Meetup.