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Rocklin: DraftSight CAD Software

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Design your mechanical parts at home for free with DraftSight. DraftSight is a free and full featured CAD tool for precision mechanical drawing. It is like AutoCad but without the price tag. Perfect for the laser cutter. The class consists of 10 hands on lessons, that will kick start your drafting skills. Note: DraftSight is not for 3D printing nor is it a good choice for general art work.

Class Description

1. User interface overview

2. Grids, snaps, and dimensions

3. Entering coordinates with precision ( absolute, relative, X-Y, Length-Angle )

4. Entity Snaps ( mid point, perpendicular, tangent, parallel, end point, center, etc… )

5. Entity selection techniques

6. Trim, and extend tools

7. Pattern tool

8. Working with blocks and components

9. Working with text

10. Working with layers

11. Final: Make a box with finger joints ( using mirror, polylines, chamfer, divide )

(This class requires a minimum of 2 students to go ahead.  Class will be canceled if there are less than two students enrolled.)

How should students prepare

I recommend but do not require students bring a laptop with DraftSight loaded on it.

You can get a free copy at http://www.3ds.com/products-services/draftsight-cad-software/free-download .

Otherwise there are five laptops at the Hacker Lab with DraftSight loaded on it, but do bring a USB flash drive. Knowledge of mechanical drawing is a plus but not a requirement.

About The Instructor

I am a recently retired software engineer with a BS in Electrical Engineering from C.S.U.S.  I regularly make use of the shop bot and laser cutter in Rocklin and I am always happy to help wherever I can.