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Rocklin: Electronics 102 — Learn to Design Circuits!

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Class Overview

Sign up for this class to learn the basics of how circuits work and how to design simple circuits. This will be a hands-on class. Build circuits on a breadboard and learn how Current, Voltage, and Resistance work together to make them function.

What is electricity? How do resistors capacitors and inductors work and what are they good for?  Learn the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance, and how to use the most common electronic circuit components.



This is a good introduction course for people interested in learning more about basic electronics.  Learn about how electricity works and ohms law.  Learn about resistors capacitors and inductors.  And we will go through some hands on experiments to see how they work.

What to Bring To This Class?

Required: A curiosity about electronics.

Optional: a calculator might be handy (though it isn’t a math class).  All you need for the class will be provided but if you have your own multi meter you can use your own if you like.

About the Instructor

Martin Mortensen has been working in electronics for 20 years.   He likes figuring things out and making things.  Let him help you learn!