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Makers Toolbox 101 – Postponed to July 16th

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Makers Toolbox 101

Makers Toolbox 101 is where all of your wildest maker dreams begin!!! The HackerLab’s woodworking facility is waiting for you to come make some dust and noise!  Sign-up now and start that secret project you’ve been thinking about.

Thursdays starting @ 6pm (See events calendar).
Classes typically last 2-3 hours depending on size.
Classes fill up quick so register/ pay online to reserve your spot.
Optimal class size is typically 3-6 students

Show up with closed-toed shoes.
No loose clothing or jewelry
Bring safety goggles or glasses
Hearing protection is recommended


Makers Toolbox 101 is your introduction and hall pass to use the HackerLabs’ woodworking space. You will learn the required shop safety protocol, basic power tool operation and co-working space procedures. Each student will learn how to operate (and respect!) the major power tools. With hands-on experience attendees will gain the confidence to come back and make cool Sh*t! Emphasis on shop safety, making considerations, tool safety check, common lingo, shared workspace protocol and cautions etc.  All users of the woodworking and fabrication space are required to take this introductory course.

“My goal for those interested in taking their maker skills to the next level is to give them the realistic wood shop fundamentals they need to be safe, confident and in control of their tools and making environment.”

Casey Marshall – Instructor

Class Structure:

OBJECTIVE: Students will learn how to safely operate the featured machines in the HackerLab fabrication and woodworking and facility, including the compound miter saw, table saw, drill press and the other various power tools. Attendees will perform mixed operations on these machines to gain confidence and control.


Student/ Teacher introductions
Maker space layout and overview
Tool organization and storage
Featured machine usage & operation
Table Saw, Compound Miter Saw
Wood properties, considerations
Tool Demonstrations
Hands-on experience and learning examples
All hands on deck clean sweep up.
Q&A – Next Steps, Classes etc.


Show up with closed-toed shoes.
No loose clothing or jewelry
Bring safety goggles or glasses
Hearing protection is recommended

Teacher Bio:

“Casey J. Marshall, inventor, architectural designer and urban fabricator, is best know for his tenure as headmaster for the enigmatic Phoenix Foundation. There he became a mentor of the respected Angus MacGuyver, who in turn introduced Casey to hard-edge modeling, electronics, astronomy, woodworking and dynamic sculpture.  Casey runs the local Fabritype Maker Company where he creates custom products, architectural decor, furniture and functional display pieces for local businesses, boutiques, inventors and imagineers small and large”