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Intro to 3D Modeling with Rhino 3D

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Computer Aided Design (CAD), using Rhino. If you want to make something on a 3D printer, a Shopbot, or built by anyone else in the world, you need a drawing. Not a pencil drawing on a bar napkin, a real professional CAD drawing. Learn to do it yourself! It’s more fun than most video games, really!

How will the class be structured?

Introduction to the Rhino screen

Explanation of the elements of a drawing: lines, surfaces, solids, transformations, dimensions.

Drawing polylines and curves, editing their shapes

Joining lines to make surfaces, editing.

Extruding surfaces to make solids.

Transforming: scale, move, boolean manipulation.

Exporting files.

How should students prepare?

Drink some coffee, look at the things in your house and realize that at some point each of them was just a drawing.

What will you get out of this lesson?

By the end of the class, you will grasp the basic concepts of Rhino and be able to make simple objects. You will know how to find more information online. Hopefully, you will realize that CAD is fun and be inspired to learn as much as possible.

Teacher Bio

Bill Betz has been a maker for about 40 years. He has designed electronic, mechanical, and laser systems, web pages, and small buildings. He is self-taught in most of those areas and wants others to learn his techniques.