Hacker Lab + Sierra College

The nations first private coworking/makerspace to form a public-private partnership with a community college.


With 24/7 keyfob access, use our coworking space to study on your schedule. We've got high-speed internet, a self-serve coffee bar, and plenty of seating.


Our Rocklin location boasts over 15000 sqft of space with housing electronics & rapid prototyping equipment, textiles, photo, and woodworking labs, CNC machines, and more!


Our community of makers, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs gives you the opportunity to engage with student clubs, meetup groups, and local business owners.


Sierra College Student Membership


This membership discount is no longer offered - this page exists for legacy purposes only.

No Longer Offered


  • 24 hour access to both Coworking and Makerspace
  • 2 hours/month bookable conference room time
  • Access to all 3 locations
  • Blazing fast internet up to 1 gbps
  • Discounted Hacker Lab classes
  • Access to our amazing community!

About the Partnership

Collaboration started when Hacker Lab CEO Gina Lujan and Sierra College President/Superintendent Willy Duncan participated in the regional ‘Cap-to-Cap’ trip organized by the Sac Metro Chamber. Drexel University in Philadelphia was one of the stops where attendees toured the innovation space and learned how students were benefiting from the on-campus lab. Gina pointed out that Sacramento had Hacker Lab and other developing spaces – reflecting a growing community of makers, coders, tinkerers, community-builders and young adults interested in pursuing their creative ideas in the company of their peers! Seeing Drexel’s innovation space opened awareness to the work that Hacker Lab was doing – attracting and supporting creative workers and entrepreneurs right here at home.

In fall 2014, Hacker Lab co-founders Eric Ullrich and Charles Blas met with the Sierra College team of faculty, staff and managers, as well as the executive leadership, to tour the campus and discuss how a partnership might be structured. Sierra College wanted a makerspace near the campus that followed the Hacker Lab ethos of ‘open’, ‘creative’, and ‘collaborative.’ Hacker Lab wanted a partner who would help them expand and connect to a wider community. A Memorandum of Understanding was struck and formally adopted by the Sierra College Board of Trustees. Work began on opening a new makerspace in Rocklin, located in a commercial shopping center approximately one-half mile from campus.

Just one day after the landlord handed over the keys, Hacker Lab held its first workshop at the Rocklin site. More than 45 people traveling from Sacramento, the Bay Area and other communities attended the world tour launch of Intel’s RealSense technology. Attendees received hardware and software, with the intent that they would – without the expectation of money or fame – develop applications to demonstrate the capabilities of RealSense.

Community Meet Ups and classes over the next few months showed that there was local support. A Meet Up at a nearby brewery attracted 150 people and packed the house. The Grand Opening on May 7, 2015 saw more than 400 attendees; a response unlike any other for a business opening in Rocklin. Memberships at the Rocklin site hit the 100 mark in less than 6 months and currently stands at over 250. Fifty percent of members are Sierra College students; recruitment campaigns are ongoing.

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