Entrepreneurship: How to Start a Business

One-on-One Classes

A partnership between Hacker Lab and SETA

Who can sign up?

These classes are offered only by referral from counselors at the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency.

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

What's covered?

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts to start a new business including customer value propositions, business model generation, financial modeling, todo list prioritization, and online customer development.

Students are guided through the Lean Startup Framework which will support their quest in discovering a viable business model.

What to expect?

The series will be held live on zoom conferencing. We will progress through the lesson plan at an adaptive pace depending on the needs of the students.

Students will be encouraged to participate in the lesson by asking questions and engaging in discussion. There may be parts of the presenation that are interactive for the student to follow along.

After the class students will receive takeaway assignment to help them further explore the topics, and will be ablt to view a recording of the session.

If students have trouble with the course material or setting up their workstation they can sign up for periodically held office hours sections.


While each series is intended to be taken in order, students with prior knowledge may take only the courses relevant to them. We strongly encourage attending all event in each series.

Prior to registration and attending sessions students will need:

  • An email address where they can receive and respond to email
  • A computer (laptop or desktop) with an internet connection
  • A microphone and speaker or headphones for communicating with the instructor during sessions
  • (preferable) a webcam
  • (preferable) to have installed the Zoom software application on their laptop or desktop prior to the course

What courses are offered?

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