• Status please on Spartan laser

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    I find the Spartan missing from lists but there is no email. What is going on with the Spartan?
    Don T. Don T.
    Thank you very much for the responses. I know you share everyone's frustration when things happen, as of course they always will.Curious, for some reason I remember the lasers as having beds 2' x 3' but the reality is they are 600mm x 900mm, correct? The difference is important sometimes...
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  • Gift Card

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    Anybody want to buy a $100 gift card for $50 from me? Got it as a gift but am moving away and won't be able to use it in time. See attached picture.
  • I am told that the makerspace will be gone through pretty thoroughly either this coming Monday or Thursday and so I thought some of you may want to know. I’m assuming that if you have anything in the shop that doesn’t comply with the rules that you risk losing it once they begin cleanup. I don’t know who will be seeing this message so please spread the word of mouth and hopefully everyone that cares will hear about it before hand and has a chance to get their material out
  • Hi everyone -- I'm a PhD student who is fairly new to coding. I'm having a hard time getting all of the Python packages I need to use some software I need for my research. Is there someone who could meet me and spend a few minutes helping me figure out my Python environment and packages? It will probably be very easy for you, but it's confusing to me!
    Dave A. Dave A.
    Thanks Nile! I'd be happy to come to a meeting. I can't make this Friday,but I could make the next one.
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  • I have attached pictures of my proposed components. 12v dc power supply, dimmer switch, and 2 halo LED lights (one pictured)


    Alex Q. Alex Q.
    Thank you for replying. I looked up the specs for each light I am using. The first is 80mm diameter, 120mA, up to 100 lumens. The second is 120mm diameter, 250mA, up to 153 lumens. I’m alright with the lower intensity on the smaller. It’s going to sit under a...
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  • To whom it may concern, We seek your support to share this opportunity widely within your personal or professional networks. We are pleased to inform you that the U.S. Embassy is accepting applications from U.S. citizens for the American Center Korea (ACK) Makerspace Fab Lab Fellowship to support young Korean professionals’ innovation and creativity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) fields, to share expertise while supporting entrepreneurial partnerships, and to ...
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  • We're looking for someone interested in joining out team in the summer as a marketing intern. This position is part-time, paid, and includes training. Intern must have reliable transportation to work at all locations.


  • Received this inquiry, please contact [email protected] with questions: Looking for someone proficient in pdf editing software to assist me with a project that i believe would take no more than 30 minutes for someone experienced. The pay is $200.
  • testing

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    can anybody see this
    Shaneen M. Shaneen M.
    yes I can
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  • FREEThink is a public service initiative run by the Sacramento Ad Club where creative professionals come together to help local non-profits tackle their marketing challenges. We're short on volunteers this year and we're looking for some last minute sign ups. You're help would be so greatly appreciated. Last year was the first FREEThink event I had attended and I can honestly say that working with non-profits and other kind-hearted creatives truly was rewarding experience. If you have a p...
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