Hi all,

I'm competing in a pitch competition in May and need help creating an exhibit for my business idea. I'd really appreciate any ideas to help me display my mobile app idea for people who suffer with mental illness. Also, if you can refer me to other people or resources, I'd be grateful. Thanks a bunch! Dolores

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  • Dolores Sanchez

    Dolores Sanchez

    Hi David, I really appreciate your interest. My idea is to link people who suffer with mental illness to people who can help them find support services. I'd enjoy speaking to you further about it. Here's my email: [email protected] If you or you know someone who can help me with my exhibit, I'd be grateful. Btw, I work out of the midtown location. Thanks again, Dolores

  • Dolores Sanchez

    Dolores Sanchez

    Hi Linda, Thank you so much for your offer. Putting a pitch together and creating an exhibit is all new to me, so I sure could really use your help. Here's my contact info: [email protected] and (916) 806-2731. I've love to tell you about my idea, I'm hoping it will help people. Btw, I work out of the midtown location but if you want to meet, I'm can meet anywhere. Also, I'll be at the HL Member Mixer tonight. Again, I truly appreciate your offer. Dolores

  • Linda Hardy

    Linda Hardy

    I'm willing to assist L

  • David Andre

    David Andre

    Interested in hearing about your app.

  • Dolores Sanchez

    Dolores Sanchez

    Hi Michael,

    I didn't even know that HL had a community engagement manager. I really appreciate you reaching out to me. I work out of midtown. But I'm happy to meet at any location. This is my first pitch competition so I have no idea how to put together an exhibit.

    My email is [email protected] My number is (916) 806-2731. Thanks a bunch, Dolores

  • Michael Mott

    Michael Mott

    Hi Dolores,

    I'm not sure how to help but I would love to get you connected with someone in our space who can. I'm Hacker Lab's new community engagement manager and this seems like something we could work on. What do you need for your exhibit?

    What location do you work out of most?

    Thanks, Michael

  • sean p twomey

    sean p twomey

    We can help you with this.

    Give me a call so we can discuss

    415 508 5310

    Sean P. Twomey

    Designer / Fabricator

    415 508 5310

    2meart.com http://www.2meart.com/