I find the Spartan missing from lists but there is no email. What is going on with the Spartan?

  • Don Teeter

    Don Teeter

    Thank you very much for the responses. I know you share everyone's frustration when things happen, as of course they always will.

    Curious, for some reason I remember the lasers as having beds 2' x 3' but the reality is they are 600mm x 900mm, correct? The difference is important sometimes and I want to remember their dimensions accurately.

  • Nile Mittow

    Nile Mittow

    Hey Don,

    Sorry, the Spartan is down for maintenance at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    As of now, the Morn is usable, but you MUST watch the chiller temperature religiously.

  • Christina Granados

    Christina Granados

    Thanks for reaching out to us. The Spartan is currently out of service you can still use the Morn however.

  • John Sonderegger

    John Sonderegger


    The 530z laser engraver is available at the Hacker Lab in Rancho Cordova. The 100w and the Universal laser engravers are available at our Rocklin facility, and the big Morn laser is available for use at Hacker Lab Sacramento. So, no matter which Hacker Lab you visit, there is a laser engraver available for your use.

    The Spartan laser is not listed on the booking page because is it not in service. Unfortunately, I don't expect the Spartan to be available for use until sometime during the week of December 27th.

    If a tools fails the first thing we do is put a tag on it marking it out of service. Then we remove it from the booking page so that other members know it is not available for use. Then the receptionist sends an email to everyone who currently has the tool reserved.

    We work hard to keep all of our tools in working order and available for use by our members at all times. However, we do not guarantee that a particular tool will be working or available when you need to use the tool because tools fail. When they fail it is always inconvenient. Please plan your tool use accordingly.

    You should not make business or other commitments that require you to have access or continued access to the maker space or to a particular tool. If you promise delivery of a product or service based upon access to a particular tool, you run the risk of not being able to fulfill your promise.

    Our lasers are the most popular tools we have at Hacker Lab. Sometimes, they are inadvertently damaged by members, other times their parts simply wear out.

    We never know which parts are going to fail. Every situation is different. When we need to order parts they are not always available for purchase. Many times the parts needed are not sitting on a shelf in the manufacturer's warehouse waiting to be shipped. So, we have to wait for the part to be manufactured. Then once a part is shipped it has to survive shipping. We have had Fedex, UPS repeatedly damage parts during shipment.

    There is a whole spectrum of reasons that tools can't always be fixed fast. It is frustrating for everyone. But I can promise you this, we are doing everything we can to provide our members with working, dependable, and safe tools.

  • My Hoang Tran

    My Hoang Tran

    They're getting it fixed, parts are coming in on Thursday.

  • Chad Lathe

    Chad Lathe

    As of yesterday, both lasers were down pending parts arriving est Thursday


  • Spencer Thomas

    Spencer Thomas

    I heard it had a defective part