Hi everyone -- I'm a PhD student who is fairly new to coding. I'm having a hard time getting all of the Python packages I need to use some software I need for my research. Is there someone who could meet me and spend a few minutes helping me figure out my Python environment and packages? It will probably be very easy for you, but it's confusing to me!

  • Dave Amos

    Dave Amos

    Thanks Nile! I'd be happy to come to a meeting. I can't make this Friday, but I could make the next one.

  • Nile Mittow

    Nile Mittow

    Hi Dave,

    I've spoken with a couple folks in the space and a few would be up for helping. We have an informal meetup every friday @6pm in the Sacramento HL that they'll all be it, I'd suggest stopping by. Event is posted here: https://sacramento.hackerlab.org/en/events/view/792303679/sac-meetup--fusion-fridays