I have attached pictures of my proposed components. 12v dc power supply, dimmer switch, and 2 halo LED lights (one pictured)



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  • Alex Joseph Queipo

    Alex Joseph Queipo

    Thank you for replying. I looked up the specs for each light I am using. The first is 80mm diameter, 120mA, up to 100 lumens. The second is 120mm diameter, 250mA, up to 153 lumens. I’m alright with the lower intensity on the smaller. It’s going to sit under a glass insulator shining upward. Your thoughts?

  • Anthony Troxell

    Anthony Troxell

    I would say that you probably want to make sure you're checking the lumens those LEDs are putting out.

    Those are accent lights used for cars, so they could potentially be quite dim.

    I would suggest looking on websites that provide part numbers, at the least, so you can look up the specifications.

  • Nile Mittow

    Nile Mittow

    Agree with Martin, the general idea is correct but you'll want to ensure that those supplies can handle whatever current draw those LEDs want. When unknown, I usually hook the LEDs up to a bench supply and use that to tell me what they draw.

  • Martin Mortensen

    Martin Mortensen

    The only question is how much current do the LEDs draw? I don't see that documented.