Posting this message for a member who contacted me and okayed a posting:

Hi Nile,

I'm in search of a tutor for Arduino and Raspberry PI. I've been struggling with a project and have come to the realization that it's time to pay someone to teach me. I'm trying to convert a vintage Skeeball machine into a digital game. It's far too big to tote around, so what I'm hoping to find is someone who will come to my house near 39th and H and help me get this off the ground. The basic skill set is Arduino, Linux, and either python or processing. Eventually I want to run this on a microservice architecture, but right now I'm struggling with getting the arduino and PI working. I am willing to pay a fair wage if you know anyone who might need a side gig?


  • David Yee

    David Yee

    Hi, I can help with Arduino. I am less proficient with Pi but probably can co-navigate that with you. Let me know. My week is fairly busy but I hope to be at Rocklin tonight.


  • Nile Mittow

    Nile Mittow

    email here: [email protected]