• Hello, I work for a small business and we purchased a laser engraver that no longer fits our needs. Please let me know if anyone is interested. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/tls/d/sacramento-gweike-lg900-laser-engraver/6802828839.html Best, Dan
  • Hello all, I'm looking for some cheap strong wood for laser cutting (0.25" - 0.5" thick), do you have any suggestions? I'll be using the laser to just cut shapes out, no engraving. Brand names or types would be useful, and so would a recommendation for where to purchase it. Thanks! -Jeff
    Martin M. Martin M.
    I got 5mm plywood from Lowe's. Works great.
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  • I have noticed that the Laser cutters are both engraving objects 1 at a time instead of all of the way across the x direction all at the same time. Is there a way to change this setting?
  • Hello!!! I just joined Hacker Lab and I am super excited to start making things. But it looks like laser cutter and shopbot classes are pretty few and far between...... Are there any other ways to get 1 on 1 training or get more classes on the calendar? Thanks!
    Michelle S. Michelle S.
    I'm also interested in more laser cutting classes. My first one was about 2 months ago and I created a really cool piece. Want more!
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  • How did somebody reserve the large laser cutter 12 hours a day for several days in a row?
    Anita G. Anita G.
    Hello, the laser cutter is down at the moment.
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  • The attachment has a circle with rope links (vector graphic) in it. I want to resize the rope links to .5", and then have the rope center 1" from the circles edge. So the rope link rests top: .75", middle: 1", bottom 1.25" from edge of circle. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-okzTHvNCF5LVRIaDZkRW9FSmM/view?usp=sharing Thank you
    Ryan M. Ryan M.
    The only way to do this would involve selecting every 3rd or 4th rope-link, deleting the other links, and scaling each link of the remaining links individually. Then you would scale the circle and get everything precise.
  • Can anyone help? I have watched a ton of videos and tried numerous techniques with our Hacker Lab laser cutter but still no luck. I want to both vector cut and raster image a picture on to the same piece. I have used Gimp and Inkscape to cut the outline of an image, the Morntech software does fine with that. If I try to bring an image into either software it looks fine, but once transferred into Morntech the image either doesn't come in or it comes in as vector lines (not the image). ...
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    Sam B. Sam B.
    Ryan,Thank you for the reply, I have been very busy with work and just got a chance to read your response. I will send some screen shots of the issue I am having and would love any insights you can give.Thank you!
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  • Where can I purchase the wood (pine?) sheets people use with the laser cutter? My Home Depot has 'hobby board' but it is .25" thick. Thanks!
    Steven C. Steven C.
    If you need a lot of wood Hughs Hardwood in Rancho Cordova sells 5'x5' sheets of 1/8th Baltic birch. They will cut it down into smaller sheets (for a charge). Otherwise check Ace Hardware down the road or WoodCraft on Folsom Blvd for 1/8th birch ply smaller boards (12x24?)
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  • I booked the laser cutter for use this evening but was disappointed to find it taped closed and non functioning when I arrived. Is there an ETA on when it might be working again? Also has their been any discussion about making it so an administrator can make resource non-reservable when it is down for maintenance? That would be a time saver if people are intending to go in and use a specific resource. Thanks!
    Eric U. Eric U.
    Yes, we'll be able to do that in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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