• Received this inquiry, please contact [email protected] with questions: Looking for someone proficient in pdf editing software to assist me with a project that i believe would take no more than 30 minutes for someone experienced. The pay is $200.
  • FREEThink is a public service initiative run by the Sacramento Ad Club where creative professionals come together to help local non-profits tackle their marketing challenges. We're short on volunteers this year and we're looking for some last minute sign ups. You're help would be so greatly appreciated. Last year was the first FREEThink event I had attended and I can honestly say that working with non-profits and other kind-hearted creatives truly was rewarding experience. If you have a p...
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  • MAKER FAIRE BAY AREA 2018 is upon us. We want to have shirts for sale. Please send your designs to [email protected] Please only single color designs for black, white or gray shirts. Please send a short bio and/or snippet about the piece so we can share it with the attendees when we feature you. Thank you!!!
  • Is there a consensus on 3D CAD software? SolidWorks and AutoCAD are expensive but an affordable package ought to prepare one to move on to those. What do folks here use?
    Don T. Don T.
    I've been using Rhino 5. Thank you for the suggestion. I like it pretty well.
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  • Tomorrow we're doing a special event and invite you to bring your startup idea for a facilitated collaboration session. Below are details on the concept. If you would like to pitch, please email [email protected] Pitches will be 60 seconds with no slides. Concept 5 groups of people will be in attendance: Sac State Organization of Executive MBAs Startup Hustle Alumni Startup Hustle Mentors Sac State Entrepreneurship Academy New & Existing Entrepreneurs We'll s...
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