Join the community aiming for the stars at Fusion Fridays Join the community aiming for the stars at Fusion Fridays

A robot that can fish. An open-source, automated telescope. A sensor net scanning Hacker Lab's new location. A hybrid, three-wheeled skateboard-scooter.

These are just a few of the ideas tossed around at Fusion Fridays, Hacker Lab's weekly informal gathering for joint projects to build community with 3D modeling. Fusion Fridays meets on Fridays at 6 p.m. at Hacker Lab Sacramento.

Fusion Fridays is this epic time where cool ideas come together,” said Rob Backman, a Hacker Lab member and entrepreneur. “You can say we're starting a space agency next.”

Well, almost. The engineers, artists and community members are working on an open-source, automated telescope. Discussing the project on Hacker Lab's slack channel, Fusion Fridays members found a Fusion 360 model plan online and started building.

It was missing some of the instructions, so we're figuring out how to put the pieces together. Someone is going to build a joystick of our design to test the motors. Eventually we'll make it fully automated with a GPS, testing it out on the roof.”

The group will hook up an mini Arduino computer and other parts. Backman is attaching an older telescope lens he has at home. Then, a camera – to capture the space station.

We're thinking about setting up a facility in the mountains, to limit light pollution,” Backman smiled, next to the telescope on Hacker Lab's community tabler.

Annie walked up — she's a student of MakersXD, the charter school vendor inside Hacker Lab offering youth programming.

This is just interesting to watch,” Annie said. The community table has hosted events, sewing and conversations like this amongst members and the public, all in the past week. “Between our concrete and resin mold projects, I want to help.”

Assisting on the open-source telescope project: Rob Backman, Josh Aguilar, Ryan Regall, Dune Thomas, Shane Dancy, Nile Mittow and more.

To attend Fusion Fridays, stop in at 6 p.m. on a Friday at Hacker Lab's midtown location, 2533 R Street Suite 120 (26th & R).

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