Quick Updates: 120 Days of Growth Hacking Quick Updates: 120 Days of Growth Hacking

Rancho Cordova

Exciting things are happening here at the lab, and the waters are moving quite rapidly these days. I’m sure most of you know by now that Hacker Lab plans to expand with a location in Rancho Cordova. (This would complete our geographically reign over the Greater Sacramento Region…this is a joke btw but not really.)

We’ll be offering a more robust workshop for metal fabrication, milling, and CNC’ing. Alongside a focus on metal fabrication, Rancho Cordova Hacker Lab will also service members interested in 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering and electronics, as well as virtual reality.

As always, all members signing up at this location will have full access to all and future Hacker Lab locations. We will be running Rancho Cordova Hacker Lab founder specials in the next coming weeks, so sign up for updates on those below!

Look out for a joint press release with the city of Rancho Cordova in the coming days and a public launch party in September.

For those of you that are interested in receiving announcements, subscribe here: Get Me Updates on Rancho Cordova!

Meet the New Hires!

(We're done hiring for now… We had a ton of great applicants and have kept many in mind for future positions)

As one of the individuals within the unofficial hiring committee at Hacker Lab, I just want to say, “wow!” there were a ton of great applicants and the interviewing/hiring was more competitive than I could have imagined. Of course, we had hoped for this when we created the new positions, but for it to actually happen was amazing.

A little about the last month of hiring: we interviewed over 50 applicants, we hired 3 new staff members, and we’re training student interns as part of Sacramento’s employment training program. This month, all new staff have started and are training in their respective positions. We even hosted a staff meeting last friday. A whopping total of 18 staff members were present!  (The last staff meeting hosted was over a year ago and only had 8 staff members.)

We’ve even had to design new staff badges so that all of you could tell them apart.

Name: Chris
Title: Makerspace Support Staff
Location: Mainly Rancho Cordova

Bio: Chris has been a long time member of Hacker Lab. You may know him through his work - he build the LED cube on display in Midtown. Chris is a retiree from the state with significant knowledge in electronics, engineering, and software.


Name: Tiffany
Title: IT Support Intern
Location: All Sites

Bio: Tiffany brings to the team, over 4 years of experience in IT project management. She’s interested in learning the ins-and-outs of maintaining the IT infrastructure of a company. Tiffany recently graduated with a degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz.

(No Linkedin? Couldn’t steal an image for this blog…)

Name: Shane
Title: Makerspace Support Staff
Location: Mainly Sacramento

Bio: Shane is a recent transplant from Redding and was a member of ONESHOP. He’s a long time maker for his young age but plans to complete his degree in mechanical engineering at UC Davis. Shane already has experience with the CNC ShopBot and Plasma Cutter.

Kids Programs through Sac Makers

We initiated a marketing and operations collaboration with Sac Makers on their summer camps and these courses demonstrated a real need for project-based youth programming classes. The Unreal Engine summer camp had over 30 signups between both locations in a span of just 2 weeks!

Therefore, to continue with our joint efforts, we’ll be integrating the Sac Maker and Rocklin Maker education programming into our calendar and ticketing system. This will allow for a direct path to information about youth classes, prices, and dates. We’ll be updating the website to reflect these changes in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading about this. We want to keep our community engaged and active with our progress. We’re always open to comments, advice, suggestions, and whatever good vibes you want to throw our way. Check back in next month to read about our progress and see what we’re working on next


For some of those that may need a bit of a background, Hacker Lab is a makerspace that also offers coworking, classes, and meetups, is a gallery space, and community hub for makers, entrepreneurs, and startups. Our original slogan was, “Build. Code. Unite.” Throughout the past 5 years, Hacker Lab has been proud to be the catalyst for Sacramento’s startup growth trend. We now have over 500 members, host over 200 classes a year, and run two locations (soon to be 3!) with over 25k sq. ft. of makerspace offering high-end prototyping tools and machines. Through work with our partners, Hacker Lab is actively helping to shape Sacramento’s economic climate with startup driven initiatives.

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  • Joe Moriguchi

    Thank you for opening the Rancho site! It's really cool to see HackerLab grow like this and hope it continues to grow and provide an awesome space for makers and entrepreneurs.

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