Growth Hacking Hacker Lab: Month 2 Growth Hacking Hacker Lab: Month 2

Dang, we’ve done a lot in the last 2 months. If you’re reading this, that means you’re ready for an update on what the Growth Team has been doing at Hacker Lab.

Website Redesign 2.0

During the second half of last year in 2017, we decided to move our website from Wordpress onto Nexedus. We were already using Nexedus as our client management system and wanted to utilize more of Nexedus’ services, such as: website hosting, calendar management, invoicing and payments, space reservations, and community forum.

With that in mind, we forced ourselves into a new shape (Nexedus themed website) and that wasn’t the best fit for us. What we saved in time, we lost in SEO and user experience. On the plus side however, since we launched the new website so quickly, we had time to watch and learn. We learned a lot about Nexedus and its capabilities -- and boy, did we test the elasticity of our new platform.

With the inauguration of the Growth Team, we knew a pivotal task we needed to address was our website.  Below was and continues to be our process:

  1. We identified our target customer personas.
  2. We identified our “magic moments.”
  3. We talked to users and learned more about them, including what their driving motivations were.
  4. We set up distinct pathways for those customers to easily retrieve the information they needed in order to reach their magic moment.
  5. We made it easier for users to express interests, so we could follow up and provide more tailored information.
  6. We also set up multiple call to actions for but not limited to: getting help, making reservations, class FAQs, general questions, requesting for more information about offices, etc. Thus, providing us with quality lead generation.

Take a look, let us know what you think. We’re still tweaking things, changing buttons, adding promo bars, a chat box maybe, and a scheduling tool for tours.

Automated Customer Surveys

As a whole, we honestly didn’t know what any of our members or general public thought about our classes, tools, or the process required to reserve a space. Pretty much, we didn’t have any data on our members and their experience.

Our members would periodically chat with us about teachers they loved, projects they were working on, and people they hoped to work with, but there was no way for us to track that information to better support their experience and success at Hacker Lab.

Without that data, how would we be able to ensure that our members were happy and succeeding in their goals? We couldn’t. So, we changed that.

As a team, we decided on what the main triggers could be that would prompt a survey. We chose triggers we thought would be most beneficial for collecting data.

Survey Triggers

  1. After taking a class
  2. After reserving a tool
  3. Brand new website contact
  4. Monthly surveys for existing members

The surveys are currently live and already collecting data! Our members are amazing and have been very proactive at providing feedback when given the opportunity.

Here’s a sample of one of our survey emails you might receive:

Developing Customized Offers

We’re still talking about data here. We had a TON of data we needed to collect, organize, and attach to action items. Our website receives over 10k website sessions a month and our old website wasn’t tracking anything other than new contacts. Thankfully, Nexedus itself tracks everything on the backend and we were able to scrape together data for: new contacts, contacts that have taken a class, contacts that are members, members that have taken a class, members that have taken a class and reserved a tool, etc.

We decided on six weekly reports that were important to us. I’ll only be touching base on the new lead reports below, but we also collect reports on existing member space and tool usage. The three reports we run for new contacts are listed below:

Weekly Leads Reports

  1. New Contact (no class, not member)
  2. Taken 1 Class (not a member)
  3. New Member (no class, no tool reservation)

Drip Campaign

Because we don’t have the largest staff, our customer experience team still requires 1-2 business days to reach back out to new leads from the above reports. To buy them some time, we’ve developed an education based, email drip campaign, that feeds new contacts with information about Hacker Lab.

Our drip campaign sends out five separate emails, on different days, that touch on Hacker Lab services and insights: makerspace, classes, coworking space, startup incubation programs, history of Hacker Lab, and success stories. Check out a snapshot of our emails!

Future Items

These are definitely things we’ve been working on and haven’t quite launched yet. Look forward to these items being announced soon.

  1. Restructuring Classes
    1. Adding more frequent makerspace classes for 3D printing, laser cutter, and electronics
    2. Developing workshop style programs (quarterly)
    3. Launch Online-Hybrid Education Platform
  2. Incentivized Member Referral (refer-a-friend)

Thanks for reading about this. We want to keep our community engaged and active with our progress. We’re always open to comments, advice, suggestions, and whatever good vibes you want to throw our way. Check back in next month to read about our progress and see what we’re working on next!


For some of those that may need a bit of a background, Hacker Lab is a makerspace that also offers coworking, classes, and meetups, is a gallery space, and community hub for makers, entrepreneurs, and startups. Our original slogan was, “Build. Code. Unite.” Throughout the past 5 years, Hacker Lab has been proud to be the catalyst for Sacramento’s startup growth trend. We now have over 500 members, host over 200 classes a year, and run two locations with over 25k sq. ft. of makerspace offering high-end prototyping tools and machines. Through work with our partners, Hacker Lab is actively helping to shape Sacramento’s economic climate with startup driven initiatives.


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