Making pins entirely from scratch with Pinkie Punks — Spotlight Q&A Making pins entirely from scratch with Pinkie Punks — Spotlight Q&A
A Halloween hair pin collection. Spooky cookie clips. Personalized-name pins.

Pinkie Punks is a kid-owned business making customized kid accessories in the Sacramento area by kids, for kids.

Member and business coach/manager Lisa Magaoay and her children, Jayla, 11, and MJ, 18, bring their talents together to make pins made with unique resin molds to create customized jewelry with names, supportive messages and ideas only kids could think up.

After seeing stunning shots of their work shot taken through Maker-to-Market, which offer free vending, photography and office hours to members, we had to know more, so reached out for a Q&A spotlight.

Lisa shared about their family business, their journey to resin jewelry-making and how they created their small business.

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Hacker Lab: How did you decide to start your own business - why pins? We really like the aesthetic/uplifting messages.
Lisa: We started this shop as a way for my kids to explore their own interest in entrepreneurship.  I have owned several businesses and am an online business manager to other small shops.  

My kids are just lucky enough to have their very own business coach/manager =).

HL: What else can you tell us about the business?
Lisa: Pinkie Punks is a kid-owned business established in 2019.  My children Jayla (11), and MJ (18) are involved in every aspect of the business.  

Jayla and I come up with all the designs, while MJ utilizes a few programs to create an SVG file that can be used to cut the materials.  All of us are responsible for assembling, packaging, customer service and marketing.

Prior to COVID, both kids used to accompany and assist me at the Hacker Lab where I cut the acrylic (we mainly use acrylic).

HL: What's your experience been with Maker-to-Market and Hacker Lab? Which services have you used?
Lisa: I am a huge fan of the facility.  So far we use the laser machines, and recently started using the Cricut cutting machine.  Oh and we love the professional photography offered by Mike!  The community is so encouraging and helpful.

HL: How did you, Jayla and MJ decide to start your business?
Lisa: For seven years I owned an online boutique where I made custom children's clothing.  During this time we saw a need for matching kids accessories.  

The kids started making machine embroidery items. Both of them owned and operated their own machine!  The market for kids accessories is saturated, so we needed to come up with a way to stand out and be unique.  

They began making resin jewelry pieces, but again we needed to be unique and stand out.  

We thought it would be great if we could design and make our own resin molds for the pieces.

Our research led us to Hacker Lab!  We have since expanded from resin pieces to what we specialize in - customized kids accessories.  

Hacker Lab: How best can folks support you/your business? What is the name or handles?
Lisa: Pinkie Punks Creations is our name. Shop our website at

Or follow us on social media: HL: Is there anything else you'd like to add?  
Lisa: The pictures you have are from our Days of the week collection, but when you visit our site you will primarily find personalized accessories.  

We try to incorporate personalized options into all of our collections.  

Interested in exploring your own hobby or starting a business? You belong at Hacker Lab! Sign-up for a free tour or take a class to see if we're a good fit. This interview was briefly edited for clarity.

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