Making space for women of color to heal their ENHERGY — Spotlight Q&A Making space for women of color to heal their ENHERGY — Spotlight Q&A
Healing is not always easy for women of color in our society; with a failing health care system it’s imperative we take healing into our own hands, or at the very least, take control of our own preventative care. 

With a one-size fits all health care system, it can be particularly difficult for melanated women, who encounter greater institutional racism, disparities in care and implicit bias in the doctor's office.

My name is Simona Sillah (@enhergyalchemist). I turned my experiences of poor quality of care while healing from lung disease into: ENHERGY, a platform that encourages women of color to nurture their mind, body, and spirit, while healing…radically!

I spoke with Hacker Lab about using the MAKEHERS accelerator, as well as Maker-to-Market to help disruptively unique women take their ENHERGY to the next level! Support ENHERGY by following @ENHERGY.CO on Instagram or visiting ENHERGY.CO's website and online store for all your manifesting and healing needs.

Interested in joining Maker-to-Market or MAKEHERS? Learn more or stop in for a tour.

HL: How do you take care of yourself? Do you listen to that voice inside saying what feels good and what doesn't?

Sillah: Honestly, the past year taking care of myself was a non-negotiable! Right now, taking care of myself looks like setting clearer boundaries, saying no more often, and creating more rituals and good habits for myself. We’re living in interesting times and making sure I’m good with myself takes precedence overall!

Hacker Lab: How did you decide to start your own business - why ENHERGY? 

Sillah: ENHERGY originally started as a platform to connect women of color creatives in Sacramento, but after my battle with lung disease, back in 2018, I felt compelled to help re-enHERgize melenated women in a real way. I always tell my family and friends “COVID-19” sure did make a woman out of me”, but the reality is, the MAKEHERS accelerator course is the real culprit. Taking this course kicked my accountability into overdrive and I am in complete awe how much my business has grown since! Currently, I have an online store where I offer metaphysical, spiritual, and self-care products, and I frequently do pop-ups around the Greater Sacramento Region.

HL: What kind of discrimination did you face?

Sillah: The same of type of discrimination millions of melenated women experience in the medical community every single day. Being diagnosed with lung disease exposed me to some very harsh realities. It took me 6 long months before I could even get my doctors to take my claims of chronic fatigue, persistent cough, and night sweats seriously. I was told for over three months that I had the flu and sent home puzzled after every single doctor’s appointment. Three months later, I had no choice but to completely “lose it” while visiting my doctor, refusing to leave their offices until further tests were run. Less than an hour later, I was told I had Pneumonia and weeks later I learned this that root dis-ease was that of lung disease. I always questioned, what would have been my fate if I didn’t have the same amount of grit and gumption? After sharing my stories with friends and family, I was appalled at how many other women, who looked like me, had similar and even more egregious stories to tell. It also makes perfect sense that Black and Brown women have such poor health outcomes — we don’t always get the support we need in the doctor’s office, which just adds to the already high levels of stress we encounter daily!

HL: What is your mission? And how can people better take care of themselves?

Sillah: Launching in 2020 proved timely, with COVID-19 serving the entire globe a much-needed lesson on what life is truly about: living healthy and happy. There’s been a collective shift in understanding how imperative it is to nurture the mind, body, and spirit connection, as we have all learned it’s literally a matter of life and death. We can’t heal from one thing — just the body — without tending to the spirit, as well as the mind. They’re inseparable allies.

ENHERGY’s goal is to reimagine what it looks like for women of color to better prioritize themselves, honor their health and healing, appropriately use their intuition, and manifest their hearts wildest desires. Additionally, we seek to inspire women of color to join in, in creating collaborative energy — centered around health, healing, and powerfully manifestation — that serves the collective, too.

ENHERGY is committed to making this space one that strengthens your alignment and wellbeing, as well as your ability to pour into yourself – take what you need!

HL: What was your experience like in the MAKEHERS accelerator? 

Sillah: It was a great wake up call for me! It reminded me that I had to institute some more productive and efficient habits in my daily life, as well as reconsider my relationship with money, success, and the trajectory of my legacy! It came at a good time, too.

Making the hard shift from a brand that spoke to women of color about creativity, with a new focus on health and healing, I must admit that I was suffering with impostor syndrome and this program allowed me the opportunity to hold myself accountable.

It was also empowering to hear the stories of loss, success, and triumph of the other ladies and their respective brands. I didn’t feel alone on this entrepreneurship road!

HL: How best can folks support you and your business?
Sillah: First and foremost, remember to take space for your ENHERGY! And please remember to:
Interested in joining Maker-to-Market or MAKEHERS? Learn more or stop in for a tour

About the author: 

Simona Folasade Sillah, CEO and Founder of ENHERGY, is a SoCal native that now resides in Sacramento, CA with her two children, Logan and Josiah. Her mission, through ENHERGY, is to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of melenated women by empowering them to have an unwaivering obedience to healing, radically. Follow her on Instagram at @enhergyalchemist.

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