DIY Marketing on a Budget for Small Businesses (Deck) DIY Marketing on a Budget for Small Businesses (Deck)
What is your strategy to grow your audience? How do you stay sane while doing it?

"You are running a marathon," Hacker Lab CEO Gina Lujan says when it comes to beginning to share your story. "Be patient with yourself in learning, exploring, and utilizing tools."

Today's social media and marketing environment is a jungle of unique channels and competitive content creators.

Lujan shared a slide deck she uses in talks to help small business entrepreneurs more effectively grow their audience and improve marketing on a budget.

Read: DIY Small Business Marketing on a Budget [Slide deck]

Master the 'social media musts': Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Marketplace, Google Business & Ads, Nextdoor and other channels.

Learn how to build your own website through Weebly, WordPress or Strikingly. Use branding tools like Canva, Pixelied, Avery Label Maker, Unsplash, Vecteezy, Graphic Springs or Labeley.

Build a stable of freelancers with Fiverr, People Per Hour, TaskRabbit and Craigslist.

Above all, know your audience, use Google Business, Instagram, Facebook, guerilla marketing and hold events to grow your following and customers, Lujan said.

"Be consistent. Be creative. Be patient. Invest in you," she said. "Have fun."

Want to explore a hobby or side-hustle, and possibly turn it into a business at Hacker Lab? Explore our Maker-to-Market program or see if our space is a good fit with a free tour.

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