Hacker Lab launches $1,000 stipend program to level up skills for those hurt by COVID-19. Applications due November 5 Hacker Lab launches $1,000 stipend program to level up skills for those hurt by COVID-19. Applications due November 5
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SACRAMENTO, CA — Hacker Lab is launching a new program to support individuals negatively affected by the coronavirus with a product design training program with a focus on personal protective equipment (PPE), a $1,000 stipend and two months of Hacker Lab access.

This program is intended to support essential workers and others who have lost their job or income; or had their educational or training program impacted as a direct result of COVID-19. Applications are due Thursday, November 5 at 11:59 p.m. at hackerlab.org/pathways

The program began after Hacker Lab CEO Gina Lujan donated leftover masks made by community members at Hacker Lab to an organization supporting farmworkers. That spawned conversations with community partners to create a program that supports career development, STEM exploration and the design challenge of prototyping masks for Sacramento communities.

“Our goal is to help people hurt by COVID-19,” said COO Eric Ullrich. “We have a great new program to introduce you to the Hacker Lab possibilities with a focus relevant to these times. Considering the conditions many workers are facing, the stipend should help people move forward.”

Students at Sacramento City College’s STEM Equity Success Initiative are about halfway through the PPE design curriculum led by Hacker Lab’s CTO Nile Mittow speaking about topics relating to the PPE needs unearthed during the pandemic as well as future guest speakers from those with PPE needs. 

The program includes: 

  • $1,000 stipend and two months of Hacker Lab access;
  • 20 hours of training in PPE product innovation
  • 10 hours per month (20 hours total) in online workshops and webinars
  • 6 hours in-person training on Hacker Lab equipment
  • A mix of online and in-person trainings on the following:
    • PPE product innovation
    • Prototyping and manufacturing equipment, e.g. 3D Printing and Laser Cutting
  • Onboarding, mentorship, and check-ins with Hacker Lab staff to ensure participant
  • Success; career readiness and business skills and a supportive network and community.

“Hacker Lab is running two no-cost programs this fall to help people create a new career, start a business, or enter college, and to make our space available to those who need it most,” said Michael Mott, coordinating the Pathways scholarship, the other offering participants can apply for. 

While the two-month CARES program is focused on PPE education with a $1,000 stipend over two months; participants can also apply for the 8-month Pathways scholarship for self-starter entrepreneurs. 

“Participants build new careers, businesses or their next education level,” Mott continued. “This year Hacker Lab is offering tracks for individuals interested in entrepreneurship or exploring IoT and tech. 

These programs wouldn’t be possible without CARES Act and the City of Sacramento as well as sponsorships by SMUD and Sutter Health. Kaiser Permanente is supporting Pathways scholarships as well. Thank you for helping communities in need during COVID-19 and making a stronger workforce!

Hacker Lab is also grateful to United Latinos, Latin Economic Council and the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber for their partnership and support, CEO Gina Lujan said. 

For more information and to apply to either of these programs use the same application available at hackerlab.org/pathways with full program info here. Participants may apply for the CARES program up until Nov. 5. The Pathways scholarship has an open application period.

Hacker Lab also has no-cost one-on-one business mentorship in partnership with the Sacramento IEDC and Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce. For more information visit hackerlab.org/iedc

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