A mask fit for a king: Black Panther tribute by two Sacramento makers A mask fit for a king: Black Panther tribute by two Sacramento makers
Hacker Lab community member Chad Youngblood was geeking out over a new style of 3D printing when he asked for Teri Knox's help on a Black Panther mask, just a few weeks before Chadwick Boseman's death by colon cancer led them to finish the mask in his honor.

"I thought maybe with everything going on in the world, maybe we needed something universal," said Youngblood, who works as a merchandiser by day at Pepsi and makes superhero costumes at Hacker Lab by night. Youngblood "just had a feeling" to start printing the mask while trying out ABS, a new style of 3D printing after he pulled and tugged the Black Panther mask into shape with a template on his computer.

After printing, it required a different style of finishing to lower the ridges produced while 3D-printing with acetone and patience. Teri Knox, a Hacker Lab welding teacher and member services staff member, took it home for fun until she heard the news.Youngblood gives Knox 75 percent of the credit for how the mask turned out.

"When Chadwick Boseman died, I wanted to work on it even more as an homage for a kind actor and an iconic character," Knox said. "His character is needed so there is representation of strong, able people of color in positions of powers so that our young people can envision themselves as such."

Knox added that the timing was bittersweet.

Boseman donated $4.2 million in PPE for hospitals that serve Black communities. Cancer groups have noticed a spike in donations following his death. Boseman also supported efforts for racial justice.

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