Hacker Lab Expands Access for  Sacramento City College Students Hacker Lab Expands Access for  Sacramento City College Students

Hacker Lab is excited we're expanding access to Sacramento City College students who need our space. Read the full SCC and Hacker Lab press release below.

More Sacramento City College students will now be able to enjoy access to Hacker Lab equipment and resources as a result of a partnership between the two organizations.

The partnership will allow 100 Sacramento City College (SCC) students to use the Hacker Lab. Hacker Lab access was previously limited to SCC students enrolled in at least 2 units of MAKR classes through the college, however for a limited time the Hacker Lab is expanding opportunities.

“We understand that SCC’s current Makerspace is unavailable to students because of the college’s COVID-19 closure so we want to do what we can to support them,” said Eric Ullrich, Hacker Lab COO. “We are excited about our ongoing partnership with SCC and look forward to working with students this fall.”

Access as a Maker is open to active and enrolled SCC students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Want to learn a particular skill involving equipment or topics available at Hacker Lab;

  • Seek access to Hacker Lab Makerspace equipment;

  • Are trying to start or support their small business or freelancing job(s);

Tom Cappelletti, SCC Makerspace Director, said it is a good opportunity for the students who need it most with the SCC Makerspace currently closed.

“We have a valued relationship with Hacker Lab, such an important community partner, and during these trying times, this expanded student access takes it to a new level, offering our SCC students, across all disciplines, an opportunity to network, connect, grow, and make, safely.”

Applications to the Hacker Lab’s coworking space is open to active and enrolled SCC students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Students with no or limited access to internet in their home, domicile, or school;

  • Students in need of a study or workspace outside of their home, domicile, or school;

The program is also in partnership with Sacramento City College’s STEM Equity & Success Initiative (SESI), whose students can also receive full Hacker Lab access. Future programs with SESI will be announced.

Hacker Lab access through this partnership includes:

  • 24 hour facility access via keyfob to Hacker Lab;

  • Discounts from the general price for Hacker Lab classes pending availability;

  • Access to one-on-one classes at a discounted price pending availability;

  • Access to free online classes exclusive to Hacker Lab's community;

  • When on-site, access to the lab’s blazing-fast internet;

For more information visit https://hackerlab.org/saccitymakes and for information about Hacker Lab’s access policies due to COVID-19, please visit https://hackerlab.org/covid19.




Sacramento City College is the oldest community college in the Los Rios District, and the seventh oldest community college in California. Approximately 21,000 students are enrolled at SCC, which has three locations – the main campus at 3835 Freeport Boulevard, and the West Sacramento and Davis educational centers. For more information, visit www.scc.losrios.edu.

STEM Equity & Success Initiative (SESI) seeks to increase the enrollment and success of Latina/o and economically disadvantaged students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs in their transition from high school to college and ultimately degree completion, transfer, and career opportunity. For more information, visit: https://www.scc.losrios.edu/student-resources/stem-equity-and-success-initiative-(sesi)


Positioned squarely at the heart of Northern California’s maker movement, Hacker Lab is an all-in-one makerspace, coworking facility, and startup incubator with locations in Sacramento, Rocklin and Rancho Cordova. Hacker Lab bridges together people, training, and advanced prototyping equipment under one roof, giving innovators the opportunity to bring their vision to life. Visit: www.hackerlab.org.

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