How to cowork with the Hacker Lab community online! How to cowork with the Hacker Lab community online!

We're your home for technology and entrepreneurship in the maelstrom of the coronavirus. Come join our community and be part of an innovative space in this time of crisis.

​Hacker Lab was built on community, from its early days of meetups in small coffeeshops, to the volunteers who painted, ran and supported its first community work space on I Street. Our mission hasn't changed — we provide resources to people to advance their careers and start new businesses.

We're still doing that.  Here's how you can connect with the wider Hacker Lab community:​

Are you interested in teaching online?  If so, we're accepting applications here. We're putting more classes on the calendar weekly!

  • Join us on Discord (sign-up here) | Discord is where we hold member mixers and share specific topic-driven discussions. Discord has voice channels, which is an easy way for us to communicate and check-in as a team and community.
  • Find us on Slack (sign-up here) | Slack is the member chat that has grown over 500 percent since the coronavirus crisis started. With over 200 members and 100 weekly active members, this is a great place to find community while working; 
  • Subscribe to our newsletter (sign-up here) | These are rocky times. We're working on several initiatives to pivot to more online classes (we have 12 online and 20 in the hopper); continuing to support #OpShieldsUp for mask-making; and with partners, teaching business endurance classes and workforce curriculum. Stay up-to-date and get tips on local entrepreneurship opportunities and resources by signing-up here.
  • Take an online class (at | These classes are free for members and we are launching even more. We're also connecting for hanging out, workshops with partners and community meditation classes. Check them out!
  • Meditate with us (at | Offered twice a week by Hacker Lab's CEO, this is a great way to relax and find a moment of peace to support wellness and clear thinking.
  • Get help with SBA disaster loans ( ) | All independent contractors and small business owners are eligible.
  • Join our member mixers on Fridays (at | Connect with our community via a casual online hangout every Friday.

​We're going to keep providing resources for people in this crisis. Connect with us, and let's get through it together.

Please know that any classes you take and staying engaged helps keep a future with us in it.

In solidarity with our community!
- Team Hacker Lab​

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