Teach online classes with us! Teach online classes with us!

In the wake of the coronavirus, we all need to adapt and shift. While Hacker Lab remains open to members-only for "essential business" and Operation Shields Up, our team is pivoting to online education for our members and the wider Sacramento community.



Calling all educators: We are curating an online community for anyone interested in exploring, brainstorming and improving online educational experiences in Sacramento. We're seeking students and educators from all educational backgrounds to problem solve. Join the discussion here.


Are you an engaging person with an expertise in making, code, design, or business? We are looking for talented, self driven individuals to partner with in developing curriculum and hosting online courses.

We are specifically looking for individuals who are familiar teaching both one-off and project-based classes in the following disciplines:


  • Web Technologies - HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Python as a beginner programming language
  • Intro to C/C++
  • Intro to SQL & Relational Databases
  • Data Science, Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning, Tensorflow
  • Cyber Security, Penetration Testing
  • Computer basics

Design & Creative Disciplines

  • CAD/CAM for Shopbot
  • CAD/CAM for Machining
  • 3D Modeling (Blender, Fusion, or more)
  • Design for 2D Fabrication (Inkscape for Laser Cutting)
  • Graphic Design (strongly prefer Inkscape or online platforms)
  • Video Editing/Production for Social Media
  • Arduino (Kit delivery or pickup) & Basic Electronics

Business & Marketing

  • Financial modeling for Startups;
  • Design Thinking;
  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Growth Marketing,
  • Digital marketing strategy - Social media, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube Video
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Selling on Amazon, Etsy, Etc.
  • Videography for marketing and storytelling
  • Transitioning existing business to online


All classes will be held online and project-based so students have projects to add to their portfolio using the following tools and guidelines:

  • Repl.it for online coding and collaboration
  • Zoom for video calls and class discussion
  • Slack / Discord Discussion group
  • 4-6 week classes, 2 days per week.
  • 60-90 minutes instruction per day
  • 12-24 hours of total instruction
  • Instructors work as 1099-contractors


Ideal teachers have the following skills:

  • Ability to facilitate memorable and inspiring experiences
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Reliability and professionalism
  • Outstanding skills to teach and demonstrate in approved subject areas
  • Ability to promote Hacker Lab special offers and self-promote their own classes


Are you interested in proposing a standard class, project class or bootcamp?

Please submit your application here.

Applications must be submitted in this manner in order to be considered.

Questions? Ideas? Want to chat prior to submitting? Please email [email protected]



Below is information MakersXD, a charter vendor located inside Hacker Lab, that is shifting to online education as well and making the materials available to current students. Please support them and reach out if you're interested!

Hello MakersXD Community, 

Many changes have happened over the last few weeks. If you didn't join our Zoom call earlier, here is information you might need: 

MakersXD online membership will be $150/month (payment for March/April/May is optional), which will cover all MakersXD online content and live streams without any limitations regarding what course you are enrolled in. 

If your charter is offering vouchers for online vendors, we will gladly process them. If you want to pay us privately, we will gladly accept those payments. But to be clear: All students will have access to the full MakersXD Online experience for March, April, and May regardless of their payment status. The important thing for us now is to keep students engaged, keep them learning, and keep their time occupied with activities that will benefit them and their future. 

We are changing the way our courses will be run online. In our physical location, we had separate courses for ShopXD, GameXD, StudioXD, and TechXD. The barriers between those courses will not exist online. Any subject a student wants to learn, we will teach them that subject. It is not our mission to attempt to teach students something that they don't want to learn. Our mission is to help our students find what they're passionate about, and help them excel at it. 

What these classes will look like is still taking shape. We are reaching out to software companies to see if we can secure educational licenses for any programs that don't already have that as an option. 

We look forward to working with you as we develop our online systems and infrastructure. This is an exciting opportunity to dive into all of the different ways the internet and technology can facilitate remote learning. As always, we remain available for any questions or comments you may have. Thank you for being a part of the MakersXD community. 

Note: We are changing web hosts which may cause some downtime for www.makersxd.com. I am hosting a demo of our new site at https://mxd.ryanregall.com. Please check there for the most up-to-date information regarding our new online courses.

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