Members are making face shields for coronavirus responders. How you can help Members are making face shields for coronavirus responders. How you can help

Over the last week, Alan Puccinelli and other Hacker Lab members have been working around the clock to help medical professionals on the frontlines of cases of coronavirus, working on scaling up from 100s of masks a day to thousands.

We need help to get there. #OpShieldsUp, recently profiled in Comstock's Magazine, is a community effort that includes Hacker Lab members and staff, healthcare mask-distributor Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society as well as the region’s wider maker and 3D-printing community.

“We’ve done an immense amount of work. An ER doc is literally wearing this in the field right now,” Puccinelli said, who runs the Auburn-based 3D-printing company Repkord. “The idea is that, in these times when first-responders are on the front lines risking their lives, the least we can do is help them a little.”

Want to volunteer?

Fill out our form for those interested in helping #OpShieldsUp: 

Learn more: Here.

Or join our Slack Channel

#OpShieldsUp is asking for volunteer project managers and makers to join the effort. Are you interested? Fill out this survey here. Details are below on who we’re looking for.

Are you interested in helping in other ways? Have 3D-printing supplies or donations to support? Read more in the information from #OpShieldsUp below. Together, we can save lives — and protect our wider Sacramento community.

These masks include a translucent face shield to prevent droplet transmission, as approved by both international and local government agencies as well as caregivers in the field. As for staffing, our team is seeking four project managers to oversee various parts: 3D-printing, packaging and logistics, lasercutting and an individual to oversee the elastic straps.


Puccinelli is hoping the effort spreads nationally through Masks for Docs, an organization trying to find people who can model what Operation Shields Up is doing regionally and support with fundraising efforts for the future, to connect anyone with spare supplies or tech to create viable alternatives for creating Personal Protection Equipment for those who need it.

Individuals wishing to volunteer are trained and undergo a deep sanitation process. Materials shipped to Hacker Lab are also undergoing a full sanitation procedure; an individual overseeing that part of the process would be helpful as well.

“If you have 3D-printing chops, get in touch,” Puccinelli said. “We’re getting stuff mailed to us from all over the country. We need to log what’s coming in, where it came form and merge it into our workflow,” he said for example.

Currently, a handful of core volunteers are creating one to two hundred masks per day. The conversation has grown on our Slack. Since the operation started, the number of volunteers has grown from 2-3 to 6-7, and Hacker Lab's staff has been assisting Puccinelli and other Hacker Lab members where they can. #OpShieldsUp's goal is to scale to thousands.


Can you help us get there? We're seeking large organizations as well.

“There’s me and two other people here really stepping up,” Puccinelli said, in addition to SVVMS and Hacker Lab's own staff. “But we need more people to help.”

Learn more about Operation Shields Up below, follow along on Twitter and get in touch if you want to help.

* * *

We are OPERATION SHIELDS UP! A group of makers and 3D printers banded together here in the greater Sacramento area with the common purpose of one thing: Making sure all of our front-line care providers and support teams have the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) they need to effectively help others in this unprecedented time of pandemic crisis.


We are currently committed to producing safe and effective face shields that have undergone multiple validations by both international and local government agencies as well as caregivers directly in the field. We are achieving this by donating our time, energy, expertise, and often personal equipment and materials to produce as many of these PPE Face Shields as humanly possible. Our PPE are 100% donation based and not for sale so we depend desperately on others to help keep us supplied and running. The following is only a small list of the materials we use on a daily basis to achieve this:

Production Materials and Equipment:

  • 3D Printers
  • 1.75mm PETG 3D printing filament
  • 0.02” or 0.03” (1/2mm or 3/4mm) Thick Clear PETG Sheets
  • 70+% Isopropyl Alcohol (bulk and individual pads)
  • Buttonhole Elastic
  • Aluminum block and gear for injection mold making
  • Injection Molding Resin
  • Packaging Materials: Labels, Boxes, Bags
  • Portable HEPA filter/blower
  • UVC disinfecting lamps
  • 12x12” poly bags
  • 10x10x6”MakersXD

Gear for Our Volunteers:

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Masks
  • Snacks, coffee, pizza, etc.

Disinfecting Materials/Equipment:

  • 70+% Isopropyl Alcohol (bulk and individual pads)
  • Plastic bins/totes (6in tall - eg Airport Security bins)
  • Bleach (bulk, and in wipes)


We are partnered with Hacker Lab for production and receiving material donations (non-contact drop off or commercially shipped only please) at the following address:




ROCKLIN, CA 95677-2163

We also rely heavily on our non-profit partner SSVMS ( for distribution of our completed kits. If you are unable to help with materials but would like to consider donating financially please do so here. All donations are registered 501c3 and fully tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation.

Interested in helping in some other way? Contact Eric at [email protected]

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