What Hacker Lab is all about in pics — and one holiday request What Hacker Lab is all about in pics — and one holiday request

Did you happen to stop by Hacker Lab’s first holiday bazaar last Saturday?.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Our team came together with the local makers who create inside the Lab to show off their wares; help many with their first sale; and create a showroom opportunity for the city to see what we make here.

The event was a fee-free thank you to Hacker Lab’s creatives and entrepreneurial members, who stuck through a move and a wildly exciting year at Hacker Lab. We’re running another set of pictures taken Saturday because: This is what we do at Hacker Lab. We welcome anyone with an idea, dream or passion. We invite them to try out their idea on a piece of equipment or class. And we celebrate when they make it to their next step, whether in our space or the next level somewhere else.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

This last Saturday, one first-timer sold out: Oscar Briones with OB Woodworks. He started with needing a cutting board and found he could make them better than what he found in stores.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

He joined Makers Gonna Make, Hacker Lab’s informal group supporting people like Oscar who have an idea and want to see if it will sell and succeed.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

That’s why we’re asking anyone who has a similar story — or even used our space to apply for a job, given the focus and time outside of the house — to fill out our impact survey. This survey will help us find future grants, create more opportunity in Sacramento and support everyday entrepreneurs, makers and creators from all walks of life.

Fill out the member survey today in just a few minutes — here. We’d be so grateful for this gift this holiday!

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Hacker Lab CEO Gina Lujan wrote the following letter on why this matters. Take a gander, and let us know how we can better serve you. Thank you for being part of our community — and happy holidays.

- Michael at Hacker Lab

From Hacker Lab's CEO:

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Dear members and community members,

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

First off, thank you so very much for supporting us over the almost eight years we have been open. It has been a remarkable journey. We could not have done it without you.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Hacker Lab was founded, built, and fueled, by community. Everything we are is a because of you. As we go into the New Year, we are preparing for opportunity and programming to better serve you all. We are strategically looking for financial subsidies and support.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Hacker Lab relies on subsidies to keep our doors open and to provide the caliber of programming we offer across the region; we cannot express this enough. Hacker Lab is one of the leading spaces for making and innovation in the nation — we need to tell that story. With your help, we can.

With that, we are asking for all our space Members and Community members to please fill out our 2019 Impact survey. This data will be used to show how economically powerful and important we are all, collaboratively — together — to our supporters.

This is a crucial and important ask. Please take the time to tell us your story so that we can share with the world all the great work we are doing together. Our team can't thank you enough for your support and patronage. You are all such inspirations for us and the thrive that makes us go.

Many blessings, thanks and love to you all.


Gina Lujan, CEO

Hacker Lab

Fill out the survey here. A big special thank you also to all of our attendees for supporting local makers and their families this holiday season. Stay tuned for more! Your support makes events like this possible. Consider one of our holiday specials!

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