Maker's Luck: Next Makers Gonna Make speakers after month-after-month growth

Night in, night out, if you hang around Hacker Lab long enough you will run into Maker's Luck.

The small design studio was launched in 2018, after marital duo Michael and Hannah Rottman took classes at Hacker Lab teaching jewelry, making and design. While Michael designed shadow lamps and maps of the city, Hannah made jewelry, all with an emphasis on local, quality design and custom decor.

“I was so impressed by all the things on their instagram, but I’m even more impressed after meeting the couple.” Cambi Brown said on Good Day Sacramento. Since then, Maker's Luck works have appeared on Solomon's Deli, Drake's The Barn and other Sacramento institutions.

To tell their success, Maker's Luck will be joining the Makers Gonna Make meetup this Tuesday. Attend their Q&A with Makers Gonna Make — a friendly, free meetup of local makers sharing strategies and tips for making craft businesses in Sacramento anyone can attend — or read more about Maker's Luck below.

It's not unusual to turn a hobby into a business. Hear from people who have at Makers Gonna Make, Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. (RSVP here), follow @MakersLuck or check out their Etsy

Makers Luck, a craft business at Hacker Lab

Makers Gonna Make started in August with Eric Phillips, a Hacker Lab wanting to create a time and space for aspiring makers and entrepreneurs to support each other.

Phillips sees the development of makers and small business owners on a scale: From 0 to 1 is the startup phase; 1-2 is selling up to $1,000 a month; and up from there. The last group featured Giana Galati, Hacker Lab’s jewelry teacher who went from house-cleaning to a successful business.

Michael Rottman of Maker's Luck came from the East Coast and enrolled in an Oakland startup accelerator when he first came to the West Coast. Finding inefficiencies in sending off designs only to return with issues, he took every class he could to make circuitry, cut metal, code and more.

Makers Luck, a craft business at Hacker Lab

"I could see it in my mind. To be physically able to make it happen was refreshing," he told Hacker Lab.

Soon, Hannah, his wife started creating bronze, brass and sterling silver jewelry. Michael made her a piece of furniture and the rest is Maker's Luck.

Makers Luck, a craft business at Hacker Lab

Their work spans small batch product lines, custom decor, furniture and art installations. Come here about Michael and Hannah's journey and what it takes to make your own luck.

"My skills were digital before. I could come up with ideas, but if you can't make protototypes, it doesn't mean s***!" Rottman said.

Makers Luck, a craft business at Hacker Lab

Makers Gonna Make meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. with speakers bringing real-life success stories in building their businesses, which events to sell at; what pricing strategies work best and so forth. Here from Maker's Luck there this Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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