Local wood now available at Hacker Lab, by Sacramento Tree Foundation Local wood now available at Hacker Lab, by Sacramento Tree Foundation

The trees in the City of Trees are coming to makers in Sacramento. Through a new partnership, Hacker Lab and the Sacramento Tree Foundation are now offering local wood to create furniture, cabinets, matchsticks and anything else innovative minds can dream up.

The new partnership between Hacker Lab and the Foundation's Urban Wood Rescue Program brings slabs from trees the City of Sacramento needs to cut down to purchase inside Hacker Lab's midtown location. The wood is affordable and convenient, and proceeds go to support the Tree Foundation's tree-planting, education, reforestation and neighborhood programs.

Sac Tree Foundation

"Urban Wood Rescue was thrilled at the idea of partnering with Hacker Lab," said Andrea Crimmins of the Foundation. "A big part of our vision is to build community connection that creates a win/win of supporting both a healthy urban forest and a thriving Sacramento makers community."

Anyone can purchase wood at the Hacker Lab site, which includes Ash, English Walnut, Ponderosa Pine and more. Hacker Lab is proud to partner with a great local nonprofit, which partners with SMUD to plant over 500,000 shade trees since 1990 and supports underserved communities by creating workforce training programs at its mill.

Sac Tree Foundation

"This is the best kind of partnership Hacker Lab can have: One that supports locally-made artists, materials and visions," said Michael Mott with Hacker Lab. "Come join us and make something new from material that makes this city special."

Each piece of wood located in Hacker Lab has a history, including where it was cut, how old the tree was, its species and more, making unique history for any consumer, adding value and telling a story behind new products and gifts.

Hacker Lab and Sacramento Tree Foundation partnered to support their shared mission of providing access to all Sacramentans the tools they need — and now, materials, too.

Sac Tree Foundation

"It’s important to us to support the established artisans in our community as well as to be an accessible resource for local sustainable materials and education for beginners," Crimmins said. "We love that Hacker Lab provides resources for local makers, so they can bring their visions to life!"

To learn more about the wood, speak with Hacker Lab's front-desk staff during normal working hours or read on about Sac Tree Foundation below.

Urban Wood Rescue is the newest program of the Sacramento Tree Foundation, a community-benefit organization working to build thriving communities through stewardship of Sacramento's urban forest. Since 1982, the organization has lent support for tree plantings, educating and advocating for trees.

Sac Tree Foundation

Why trees? Because they lower household cooling costs, saving money; improve health by promoting physical activity; bring people together with social spaces and tight-knit communities and neighborhoods; and promote clean air by absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen all of can enjoy, the Foundation said.

"Urban Wood Rescue, the newest program of the Sacramento Tree Foundation, is on a mission to keep urban trees out of the landfill, support a sustainable, local, urban lumber industry, and provide both education and lumber to seasoned artisans and beginners alike," Crimmins said.

The program salvages urban trees that need to be removed due to disease, pests, or safety issues and mills the wood into usable lumber. Through grant funding, Urban Wood Rescue teaches workforce skills to new woodworkers from underserved communities.

Sacramento Tree Foundation also offers other programs that support community education, including Seed to Seedling, which provides teachers with curriculum teaching the natural and cultural history of California native oaks and the importance of the state's urban forests.

Sac Tree Foundation

The NeighborWoods Program allows community residents to partner with Tree Foundation to grow forests in their own neighborhood by working directly with a Community Forester expert. Together, residents and foresters work to plan thte right tress in the right places in Sacramento communities.

And through the organization's partnership withSMUD, any customer of the public utility can receive up to 10 free shade trees.

To check out what materials HL and STF have to offer, come in to Hacker Lab at 2533 R Street (26th and R), or visit the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

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