Sac City College looks to Spring at Hacker Lab Sac City College looks to Spring at Hacker Lab

Over 50 students and 15 Sacramento City College faculty and staff have used Hacker Lab to make products, create business ideas and dream big this fall.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

The initial partnership made accessible Hacker Lab’s equipment, tools and partnerships to students to open new doors and opportunities.

Now, Sac City and Hacker Lab are looking to the Spring with an online Everyone Can Code class with planned offerings at Hacker Lab.

“The goal is to connect students more with our community,” Hacker Lab COO Eric Ullrich said. “Class meetups and offce hours held at the lab. Students get the flexibility of online courses with the benefits of in person, peer to peer mentorship and one-on-one office hours."

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

The Everyone Can Code class will teach app development to beginners from January 18 to May 20, including design thinking, data types and the mechanics of running, testing and debugging programs, taught in part by Prof. C. O'Ferrall who often works at the SCC office at Hacker Lab.

Students can access Hacker Lab by enrolling in that course, which already has 33 students sign-up, or can enroll in other MAKR courses. This fall, students took Intro to Making, App Development with Swift and Fundamentals of CNC Machinery to use Hacker Lab's ShopBots, electronics lab and maker space.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

With the fall coming to a close, all SCC faculty, staff and students who signed-up will have access to Hacker Lab over the break. The SCC Maker Space will be closed Dec. 13 - Jan. 20, which makes Hacker Lab a good time and place for students to work on their projects over the holidays. Sac City College will be closed from Dec. 20 until January 1.

Looking to Spring

The courses next Spring include MAKR 295, which will teach students to design and manufacture architectural signage for the college, according to SCC Makerspace Project Director Tom Cappelletti.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

"The student design cohort will build wayfinding in partnership with WeidnerCA," Cappelletti said. "In fact, the head of Operations on campus was enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to be our client for Spring 2020."

“This is a big deal. Community colleges are more accessible than ever. Thanks to this partnership, we are glad to be part of that expansion. We hope to inspire learning and maker education in hands-on ways that are the future of education, with shorter classes open to the community,” Ullrich said.

"We need to help people get better paying jobs and have better livelihoods, with more students working independent and in self-employed jobs,” Cappelletti added.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

To learn more about the Sac City College partnership, sign-up for a MAKR course by visiting here.

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