AI: Smartest Thing In the Room (STIR)

Beginner's Bootcamp

Artificial Intelligence (AI).. you've heard about it.  You know you're interested.  Now, you want to learn to develop apps that include an AI interface.  Take this fast-paced Bootcamp to learn how!



Getting Started



Brian Kane is a designer and artist currently living in Petaluma, CA. He received a BFA in Painting from RISD in 1987, where he taught from  2012 through 2017. For 30 years, his sculpture, interactive, and video work has shown internationally in museums and galleries, and  Kane’s pioneering real time video sampling techniques have influenced a  generation of media artists. He's been a creative director in the online  gaming industry and a usability and user experience consultant for the  financial and e-commerce industries.

Recent  exhibitions include Nuit Blanche, Toronto, MACBA, Barcelona, HDADD+, MFA  Boston, #11.Art, Museo Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica,  Brazil, Memery, MASS MoCA, People in Space, Shanghai World Expo, Late at Tate, Tate Britain, Big Chill, U.K., MediaLive, Boulder MoCA, and a 2010 solo show at Murphy and Dine, New York, NY.  Brian's also the guy  that hacked Alexa into a Big Mouth Billy Bass.  You get 50 extra points for reading this far.

Google Brian Kane, or check out

brian kane

 $250.00 USD

AUG 16 - SEP 7


Wed, Thu

6:30PM - 8:30PM

(50% Student and Member discounts available)


Hands on Design and Making




Let's Make Fun Stuff!

This hands on workshop is for making smart experiences using modern design thinking and new open source hardware and Adobe software. Rapid prototyping, iterative making and user testing are used to generate great new ideas, and then are tested on real people to see what works best.

Coding is not required, though you will have the opportunity to work with advanced api's if you choose.

Students can work in teams or on their own, and a $500 prize will be awarded to the best project. Short viral videos will be made for each project, and the winner is determined by online response.

The students will go through an initial short set of mini exercises in class to learn about design thinking and key ai topics, and then execute on their own projects.

Use AI to Design the Smartest Things In the Room

Putting It Out There

Market opportunities



This workshop is for anyone that wants to learn about AI and wants to make a project using this new technology.

We'll be using Adobe products to design smart characters, so you don't have to code.

If you code, we'll be connecting some new open source smart hardware to online ai api's to create smart experiences.  Javascript is the most common language in this space, but there are many others you can use as well.  You'll learn about state of the art cloud ai services.  

If you're interested in design and entepreneuship, the core of this workshop is to generate interesting ideas, rapid prototype them, and test on real people. 

We video your projects being tested on real people, and post  the videos on social media to promote your idea and see what the most popular projects are.  The website for the class is

What Is AI?

History Of AI

Design Thinking

Emotional Design



User Testing


Next-gen open source smart speaker tear down

Online AI api's and services

 Adobe Character Animator

Making things fun


Characters, pets and friends

 When objects come to life

 $250.00 USD

SEP 19 - OCT 11


Tue, Wed

6:30PM - 8:30PM

(50% Student and Member discounts available)

AI Is Fun

Intelligent machines invoke new and different emotional responses in people than the machines we already know.

New narratives and interaction styles need to be discovered that tell the story of people interacting with machines that appear to be alive.

It's  a great time for artists, musicians, writers, comedians, and other creatives to start working with these new technologies, because  storytelling and emotional design are central to this new challenge.

It's  also a great time for entrepreneurs, tinkerers, students, hobbyists and  first timers to get hands-on with AI. The field is uncharted, and the  best new ideas will come from you.

Using  low cost and zero cost tools, you can quickly build ideas and test them  on real people to discover the new experiences and products that people will love.

Starting this fall, STIR is running an experimental new series of hands-on workshops and project videos to get you started and get your new  projects the attention they deserve.

STIR it up.

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